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Essential Bezel Less Smart Phone.


Today we are going to have a discussion on the latest Smart phone which is launched from the company "Essential".  am pretty sure that this name will be new for most of us.

Essential is a company which is bein taken care by Andy Rubin who was the founder member for the most successful smart phone O/s "Android". Now he has came up with a new LessBezel  phone from Essential.

The phone runs on Android operating system and most probably on Android 7.
the screen size is around 5.7 inches, though it does not feel bulky due to very less bezel.
It also has dual rear camera 13 MP each to give you a better photography experience and a depth in the images.

As far as 3.5mm jack is concerned we are not sure if it is present in Essential Phone. We will share the exact specification after sometime.

The phone is currently in the US but once it is launched in India we will be able to give you more exact and deeper review.

The market of Android Smart phone are getting vast day by day. Let us see if Essential Smart Phone can survive in the middle of big giants like Samsung, LG, and Chinese giants.