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Android Pie- Features and Enhancements

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Nowadays you are hearing a lot of things about Android Pie. There are many smartphones which have already received the update whereas some are going to get this update very soon. Android launchers its version based on some sweet cuisine and Android Pie is not an exception let us discuss what exactly is Android Pie and how it is better than its previous versions.


Google has launched the 9th version of Android operating system and named it as Android Pie.

Android Pie is the 16th version of Android operating system and it was launched on March 7th 2018 and released on August 6th 2018. One of the most important thing which has been featured in Android Pie is the use of artificial intelligence which is the very much new thing for the Android Operating System. We will be discussing the features of Android by one by one below.

Artificial Intelligence

Android Pie uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and manages a lot of things without the human interaction.  It uses Artificial Intelligence and adapts the phone according to your preferences. It manages a lot of things all by itself so that you don't have to waste your time changing the settings every time.

Adaptive Battery

The battery adapts itself according to your preferences and does not keep the apps running which you generally don't use. It helps  to increase the battery time so that the phone can run for a longer period of time with a single charge.

Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive brightness is a common feature in most of the phone nowadays but in Android Pie your screen brightness will be automatically adjusted according to your environment and activities. So forget about changing the brightness every time.

Adaptive Tasks

The operating system automatically predicts your daily tasks and learns when you are going for work or  using your headphone and automatically changes the setting for you.

Speed up the Apps

The operating system helps to speed up the apps and also make them work for you according to your preferences so that you don't have to type same thing every time.

Statistical Tools

This is the new feature in the Android operating system which helps you to manage your phone usage so that you don't compromise your valuable family time on using your phone. It helps you to know how much time you are spending on a particular app and also you can set daily time limits for the apps. The app icons turns grey when you are close or cross the limit of using a particular app.

Time your phone for your Bed time

You can automatically schedule your bedtime in Android Pie. The screen automatically turns to Grayscale and reduces the brightness of the phone and also activates do not disturb option for your sound sleep.

Change in the Interface

There are also many  interface changes as compared to the previous version of Android. The clock has been moved to the left side of the notification bar. The volume slider has been located to the phone's physical volume button. A 'Sush' feature is introduced in Android Pie which activates the Do Not Disturb mode when the phone is placed Face Down.

Enhanced Security

The update also enhances the security feature which helps to fight virus and malware attacks.

Inclusion of Indian Languages in UI

Oriya and Assamese languages has been supported as a UI language so that user can use the phone in their language.

Camera Improvement

There is also an improvement in camera department. There are new image and video encoder and Decoder in the update.

Android Pie uses the power of artificial intelligence and had improved a lot of things in Android. You can check with your device manufacturer if your device is going to receive the Android Pie  update.


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