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Artificial Intelligence

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The literal meaning of Artificial Intelligence is intelligence which is artificial. Basically this intelligence is not the intelligence of human minds. This is the technology which is the very common nowadays but still under development. Remembered Tony Stark's JARVIS in the Iron Man movie. It is also an example of artificial intelligence.

Basically it is the machine learning system which learns things apart from what it is programmed to. It is the same way we humans learn things by experiencing and by seeing and understanding. AI helps in reduction of human intervention in performing a particular task. The famous robot Sophia also is the best example of use of artificial intelligence in a robot.

The research is going on to make machines more understandable and to make them understand the language of human beings and perform task with less human involvement. Making machines understand emotions is also a goal of artificial intelligence research and many scientists, engineers and cyber experts are collaborating for it.

Benefits of AI

Artificial Intelligence could help us to make machines do more and more tasks without the involvement of human effort and human intelligence. Many organisations and corporate companies have already started implementing artificial intelligence in their daily tasks. Though it is still in the development phase and AI is limited to certain things and has some constraints.

The most common example nowadays are the Chat Bots which helps you to get information based on your question but they provide only a basic information on Frequently Asked Questions and connect to a human agent for further details.

The auto brightness in our phones which manages the brightness of our display screen based on the lights of our surroundings can also be termed as a use of AI.

The Virtual Assistance as in Siri in iPhone and Google Now in Android are also a good examples of AI but they can be termed  as a weak AI since they are trained only to perform certain tasks.

Hazards of AI

Though AI could be very useful to us but this could also pose hazards in future. The machine learning can learn both good and bad things at the same time. The AI could help machines to become more advanced and more capable than human intelligence. A recent incident which happened in a Facebook research center where chat bots started talking in their own language which was not understandable by us. Facebook immediately shut down the research forecasting its complication in future.

AI cars which has been tested have met with accidents many times, though it was in a training areas and no causality took place but you never know what could be machines up to when start thinking like humans.


AI, no doubt will help to flourish mankind and help in various researches and developments which might not be possible through human intelligence. AI could help us in engineering, business, education, space researches, expeditions etc. It could also help in things which are not possible through human effort and intelligence. But most important thing is that it should be used for the benefits of the humankind and should not pose a threat to the survival of the human race as rightly showcased in various Sci-Fi Hollywood movies. We should always remember that technology is a good slave but a bad master.