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What is NASA

NASA is a federal agency of United States of America. NASA is the space agency which mostly deals in space research and administration. NASA is involved in developing application which are related to the space science and space research.

What NASA Stands For

The meaning of NASA or it stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 

History of NASA

NASA was established on 29th July 1958 and started to function from 01st October 1958. Before the establishment of NASA, a another space research agency NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) was working on the space expedition and rockets.

NASA Space Programs

NASA has worked and launched many space programs and some of them are listed below:

X-15 Rocket Plane 

The program was an experiment on the hyper sonic spacecraft powered with rocket. The program ran from 1959 to 1968. 

Project Mercury

This project was started from 1958 and ran until 1963. This was the program to send a manned aircraft in the earth's orbit. Astraunaut Alan Shephard was the first American who was sent in space and launched in the earth's orbit on 5th May 1961.

Project Gemini

This program was aimed to sent two man in the space and research on the various space and landing techniques. It was started from 1961 till 1966. Gus Grissom and John Young were sent to earth's orbit on 23rd March 1965.

Apollo Program

This was one of the major program which was developed to land a man on the surface of moon. It was also one of the most costliest space project of NASA. Neil Armstrong was the first person who landed on moon and after whom Buzz Aldrin was the second. This programe also brought around 300 kg of moon sample for further research.


Skylab was the first station which was setup in the space which was launched on 14th May 1973. It also had a laboratory for space researches.

Commercial Space Programs

NASA is still working on various space programs and had sent many space research expedition. One of the most ambitious project is Mars expedition which aims to find water on Mars and setting up of a human colony.

NASA Headquarter

The headquarter of NASA is situated at Washington D.C. United States of America.

NASA is one of the agencies which is helping us to know more about the space and extra terrestrial bodies. It also aims to set a colony on a different planet. It not only deals in space research but also deals in understanding the earth system and ecosystem


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