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Important Email Etiquette

E-mail writing is considered as a very simple as compared to conventional letters however there are few things which need to be kept in mind while writing an email. These things not only make your email more understandable but it also gives a professional look to your email.

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We have provided few important points which you can use to make your email more professional and unique.

Proper Salutation

Always use a proper salutation to your email. If you are writing a formal email, better use the salutation which suits your professional outlook.

Clear Subject Line

Always mention the subject of your email in the subject line. A subject will help the reader to prioritize your email and make him know the purpose of your email. The subject should  highlight the main purpose of the email and should be short and simple.

Avoid Using Jargons. 

Try to make your email as simple as you can so that the person reading it can understand the complete purpose of your email. Don’t use any jargon or technical words to avoid any confusion.

Use Simple Language

Don’t try to show your vocabulary intelligence in your email. Always use a  very simple language while writing an email. You are writing your email for a purpose which needs to be understood by the reader so always KISS (Keep It Simple Silly).

Avoid FULL CAPITAL Letters

In email community, full capital letter are considered as shouting, so Do NOT use full capital letters. Make your email look simple and effective by the use of proper capital and small letters always.

Proper Use of Apostrophe

Use apostrophes at proper places. Use full stop, comma, colon, semi colon at the proper places so that you can make your words speak for you. Improper use of apostrophes can make your email confusing and sometimes provide a wrong meaning also.

Be Short and Simple

Nobody is interested to read big emails. They will just read few lines and skip the main content so always frame your email in a manner so that it could be short and simple and always to the point.

Re-Check Your Attachments

If you are sending an attachment with the email then you should always cross check it before sending the email. Also always attach the correct file else it might create a chaos at a later moment and increase you burden.

Check for CC and BCC

Before sending the email always check that right persons are mentioned in the To, CC and BCC address. Always keep the person in ‘TO’ address for whom the mail is intended to. Put the persons in ‘CC’ for whom you want to keep in loop. BCC is mostly avoided in professional environment.

Include Proper Signature

Always include proper signature in your email. It helps the reader of the email to respond in case of any urgency. It could also include you designation and project etc. Each organisation also follows certain format of signature and you can follow the same.

Email Etiquette reflect your professionalism and also make your conversation easy and crisp. So follow these simple rules and make yourself stand unique and achieve new heights in your professional life.