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Environmental Issues: Essay on Pollution


The increasing growth in Science and Technology in the modern times has made the life of the human beings more convenient, easy and with full of joy and happiness. But in the race to reach the top we have completely forgotten the basis of our life, our mother nature. We have taken Mother Nature for granted and focused mainly on our greed rather than fulfilling our need. This blind rat race has given birth to the world's biggest issue, Pollution.

What is Pollution?

Whenever we hear the word Pollution, the picture which comes in our mind is smoke and fumes coming out of the chimneys of the factories, dirty water, bad quality of the air etc. Basically pollution is the mixing of pollutants in air, water and other naturally available resources. These pollutants mix with the substances and degrade its quality making it unfit for consumption. These pollutants when mixes with air results in air pollution, when mixes with water, it causes water pollution as well as other types of pollution.

Types of Pollution:

There are various types of pollution present in the modern world and the list is increasing day by day. Following are the major types of pollution which are affecting the living beings as well as the ecosystem of the world.

Air Pollution:

Air Pollution is the most common type of pollution which is directly affecting the life of human beings across the world. It has affected millions of people and intoxicated the natural air. The air is getting polluted by majorly by the man-made causes as well as the natural reason but the proportion of human interference is more.
The pollutants coming out of the chimneys of factories have made fresh and healthy air as toxic and poisonous. This causes many health issues like Lung Infections, Asthma, Allergy and may also result in fatal condition like cancer.

Water Pollution:

Water Pollution is another result of increasing urbanization and industrialization. The waste water coming from the sewage of household as well as the drainage of industries mixes with the surface water making it contaminated and unhealthy.
The use of pesticides and fertilizers also affect the groundwater when it seeps gradually and makes the groundwater toxic. The contaminated water affects the health of the living beings causing diseases like Cholera, Typhoid and stomach infections which might sometimes turn out to be fatal.

Soil Pollution:

The increasing demand for food has led to the increasing yield of agriculture. Fertilizers and insecticides used to increase the yield of agriculture produce has led in making the land infertile and affecting the flora and fauna of nearby areas.
The increasing use of these chemical based fertilizers has reduced the fertility of land and also leads to polluting surface as well as the groundwater.

Prevention of Pollution:

The greed of human race has led to the pollution and it is only us who can prevent it by taking few steps. We have provided few steps which could surely help in fighting pollution :
  • Government should take strict steps to stop disposal of untreated sewage water directly into the river.
  • Reducing the use of vehicles and relying more on alternate source of energy like e vehicle and solar power.
  • The practice of reduce reuse and recycle should be followed
  • Do not dispose any Chemicals medicine for oil directly to the drainage system.
  • Reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides and relying more on Bio-Fertilizers.
  • Planting more and more trees and protecting the existing ones.


Day by day pollution is turning out to be a monster and if there are no steps taken now then it would pose a serious question of survival for the human race. As a human being it is our prime responsibility that we should do our bit in protecting our ecosystem. If a collective action is taken against pollution then only we could gift a clean, green and save environment to our future generations.