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Environmental Issue : Land Pollution

The increasing population, industrialism, deforestation and various other issues have highly affected our environment and ecosystem. These things have resulted in various issues like air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution etc. However what we never thought of getting contaminated was Land. Apart from air and water pollution land pollution has also becoming a serious issue in the current era. 
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Land Pollution Introduction

Before we start, let us understand What is Land Pollution and how it affects human beings, animals and plants. We can define Land Pollution as the contamination of land due to various causes. The causes of land pollution might range from dumping of factory chemicals, sewage from various factories, rottening of garbage, excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, mining etc. Soil Pollution or Soil Contamination are also the synonymous terms for land pollution. The increasing deforestation and clearing up forests to accommodate more and more population and industries have also added much to the problem.

Sources of Land Pollution

The major causes of Land Pollution are man made. We have summarized the land pollution causes below:

  • Wastes from Factories

Factories dump their wastes in the nearby land and water bodies. These wastes are mostly comprised of  hazardous chemicals and residues of the factories output. It gradually seeps into the ground contaminating the ground water and flows to the nearby areas during rains and making the land and water bodies toxic.

  • Untreated Sewage Systems

The sewage of urban households are also responsible for land pollution. The chemicals, oils, household pesticides etc affect the land and makes it toxic and affects the natural vegetation.

  • Garbage Dumps

The garbage dumps in cities degrades over a period of time contaminating land and giving invitation to fatal diseases. These also causes air and water pollution and affects the natural ecosystem of our planet.

  • Plastic and Polythene

Plastic and polythene though seems very convenient for everyone but since it is non-biodegradable product it stays in our environment for hundreds of years. Plastic reacts over a period of time and chemical reaction outcome contaminates the land. Polythene makes a cover over the land and does not let water seeps through the ground making the land infertile.

Effects of Land Pollution

Just like the other types of pollution, Land Pollution also has long and short term effects on our environment. It not only affects human beings but it also affects plants and animals.

  • Effects of Land Pollution on Human Health

The land pollution gives rise to various fatal diseases arising due to the degradation of garbage dumps and sewage systems. These things gives a free dwelling place for bacteria, viruses and other types of pathogens. These pathogens lead to various epidemics and diseases affecting thousands of people especially young children.

  • Effects of Land Pollution on Animals

The pollution of land due to landfill and mining activities have forced thousands of species losing their natural habitat. The increasing pollution has already forced many species to get extinct whereas others are either fighting for their survival or they are on the verge of extinction.

  • Effects of Land Pollution on Plants

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides contaminate the soil whereas acidic drainage and garbage dumps highly impact the capability of plants absorbing nutrients from soil. The acidic dis-balancing of soil affects the growth of plants causing their gradual deaths.

Solution of Land Pollution and Its Prevention

We can prevent land pollution by following below mentioned techniques:

  • Recycling, Reducing and Reuse

This is one of the most common, simple and effective ways of prevention of soil pollution. The more we recycle products and reuse it, the less it goes into the garbage leading to land pollution. It is also important that we buy only organic and biodegradable products so that their degradation does not affect the environment.

  • Say No to Plastic

Do not use plastic or polythene bags. Use of cotton bags or jute bags are the best alternatives. Make the habit of carrying a jute bag before heading to the market. This will not only reduce plastic pollution but it will also help in boosting the jute industries thereby helping in developing the economy of the country.

  • Reducing Fertilizers and Pesticides

Reducing chemical based fertilizers and pesticides and increasing the use of bio fertilizers and pesticides will highly help in reducing the toxicity  and increasing the fertility of the soil. It will also help in safeguarding the ecosystem of a place and clean the environment.

  • Reforestation

Planting more and more trees not only helps in cleaning the air but it also helps in preventing land pollution. It helps in maintaining the ecosystem and the roots of the plants help in preventing the soil run off during rains and floods and protects the habitat for plants and animals.

  • Avoid Littering

Littering should be completely avoided and the garbage should be disposed off correctly in the respective bins. Plastics and non biodegradable products should be made to recycle and reused.
These are just a few ways to prevent land pollution. The youths of the nation should also spread awareness and make people aware about the effects of land pollution and how it can affect the health of the human beings, animals as well as plants.


Land Pollution is the result of the reluctant behaviour of the people. The time has come when  every person should take the collective responsibility to make our planet clean and green and put their effort in sketching a new environment which remains safe and pure forever. We have to get rid of our greed and use the natural resources only for our needs. Nature can satisfy our need but not our greed so let us pledge together that we will make our planet clean, green and safe for the generations to come.