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Save Water Save Life

If water is there, there is future"
"Save Water Save Tomorrow"

Water is the basis of life and without water it is difficult to think about life on our planet. We have brought an essay on save water save life to highlight and showcase the importance of water. The below save water save life essay will help you while giving speech on save water save life or conservation of water essay as well as while writing article on save water etc. 

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"Water is life", as we all know, in spite of all this, we do not hesitate to waste water. We should not forget that the solution to the water crisis is only by conserving water. Without water we cannot  imagine life as all the functions of life require water for their smooth execution. Water is a valuable resource on earth, rather the basis of living of all species of the earth. Approximately three quarters of the earth is surrounded by water but 97% of it is saline which is not potable. The amount of potable water is only 3% and out of which 2% is in the form of glacier and ice, thus only 1% water is available for human consumption.

Why Should we Save Water

Today urbanization, industrialization and the pace of population is increasing at a rapid pace
With increasing pollution and a steady increase in population, ensuring availability of drinking water for every person is a major challenge.

As the temperature of the earth is increasing, the water is drying up in many parts of the earth every year and this problem is becoming more serious every year. We always think that once the summer season goes out and as soon as the rain comes, the problem of water will go away and we are uninterested towards water conservation.

In the coming time, the problem of water crisis is more worsening. According to a survey, more than 65 percent people are facing water shortage. World Water Day celebrated on 22nd March is not just a formality, but to make others aware about water crisis and by taking a pledge to conserve water
and to save water so that we can save it for our future and give new life to our future generations.

Save Water Save Life

It has often been seen that even educated people also do not hesitate to waste water. Though they talk big about the conservation of water, but often seen wasting water in their homes. Today in many states women still walk long distances to fill water. Though people understand the importance of water, but no one really cares about water conservation as we easily get unintruppted water supply in our homes. Even today, in cities, water is ruthlessly poured out for washing the floor, washing the car and doing non-essential tasks.

In cities, it is so convenient to get water by just opening the water tap but we should also think of the people who walk for miles to just get a bucket of water for their family. Wastage of water in the cooking, wastage of water in the bathroom is a very common scenario in our homes which we have to avoid.


In the coming times it will be quit difficult to get water to drink if we continue to waste this precious natural resource. The day is not far when we will have lots of money but we would not have water to drink. Therefore, therefor we should start initiative of Save water Save Life and request the people   that they should highlight the importance of water and save water so that life on our planet keeps flourishing like this and this precious resource remains clean, safe and pure for our future generations..


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