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Slogans on Save Water

Water conservation is one of the very important issues of the world and students should be made aware about the importance of water. We have provided below some very attractive, catchy and impressive save water slogans for children in English.

These slogans can be used on various environmental occasions and events in schools and colleges:

Photo by Amadej Tauses on Unsplash

Save Water Slogans

Water is Life, Save it to Survive

Let there be enough water in the wells,
Or get ready to hear the Warning Bells.

Stop the Wastage of Water,
Or go to Mars hiring a charter.

Every drop of water counts,
Don't let the pressure mount.

Close the running tap indeed,
Make it available to one in need.

Plant Trees, Save Forest,
Save Water by Rainwater Harvest.

Enough of Flood Irrigation,
Switch now to Drip Irrigation.

Water is a Precious Resource,
It supports our Planet and Life's Source

Every Drop of Water you Save,
You can't imagine how many life it gave.

Save Water for Better Future,
Sustain Life, Ecosystem and Nature.