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Essay on Chhath Pooja

Chhath Pooja is one of the ancient Hindu festival which is mostly celebrated in the parts of north India and some parts of Nepal also. It is mainly the festival which is celebrated as a thanksgiving to the Sun for providing and supporting life on our planet.

Devotees offering prayers to Sun on Chhath Pooja Festival

Essay on Chhath Puja in 500 Words

We have provided an essay on Chhath Pooja in English for children and students in 500 words. It will very much useful while writing an short essay on Chhath Pooja or Dala Chhath, short paragraph on Chhath Pooja. It will also help you know about the history of Chhath Pooja, how it is celebrated, when it is celebrated and related customs and rituals of Chhath Pooja. 


Chhath Pooja is a great festival which is celebrated in the parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It is also celebrated in the parts of West Bengal and some parts of north India. The festival has got a very high popularity in recent years and has also made its presence in many parts of the world too. It is mostly celebrated by the people speaking Bhojpuri and Maithili languages.

When is Chhath Pooja Celebrated

Chhath Pooja is celebrated in the month of October/November after Diwali festival. According to the Hindu calendar the festival falls on the sixth day of the Kartik month. The festival lasts for 4 days and it starts with giving water tribute, known as ‘Arghya’ to the Sun and ends with the same on the last day of the festival. 

Devotees Preparing for the Pooja

How is Chhath Pooja Celebrated

The devotees observe a fast on the festival for the well being of their families and also thank Sun for showering prosperity and sustaining life on earth. The devotees offer prayers to the Sun and his sister who is also known as ‘Chhathi Maiya’, in the evening and morning by standing in chilled water bodies or banks of the holy rivers.

Woman offering Arghya to Sun standing in a Pond
People also prepare ‘prasad’ on the festival which majorly includes Thekua, Kheer and fruits offerings comprising mainly of sugarcane, sweet lime, bananas, apples etc. The prasad is prepared with considering a very high form of purity and without salt, garlic or onion.

The pooja starts by giving ‘arghya’ (water offerings) to the Sun God in the evening and concludes the very next day with the same ritual in early morning. Devotees distribute ‘prasads’ to friends and families and pray to Chhathi Maiya for their well being and prosperity. 

Chhath Pooja 2020

Chhath Pooja was celebrated with great devotion and spirituality among the people and was observed with great enthusiasm in 2020. Although the celebration was hugely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic but people managed to celebrate the festival with great devotion and enthusiasm by strictly adhering to the government guidelines.

Local public administration made artificial ponds in the cities so that devotees could offer prayers to the Sun God and celebrate the festival with devotion and convenience.

Strict orders were made for the devotees to wear mask and maintain social distancing among themselves so that the festival could be celebrated in a safe and healthy environment and containing the Corona Virus.


Chhat Pooja was majorly celebrated in Bihar and nearby region but past few years it has gained popularity and has become a great festival in India as well as many parts of the world. Chhat Pooja is also considered as the one of the most eco-friendly festival during which no pollution is generated. The festival reiterates the great Indian history of culture, tradition and customs. It is the festival which helps us to stay connected to our roots and introduce the youths, who are mostly attracted to the western culture, to our great history and rich culture.


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