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Essay on Noise Pollution

Have you ever got irritated by the high noise coming out from the horns of vehicles, railways, airplanes, heavy machines etc. Have you ever felt the pain in your ears from the bursting of crackers or music coming from loud speakers etc. These are the examples of Noise Pollution. These sounds can be ignored by our body for a certain period of time but when we constantly hear these sounds for a longer period of time, it starts affecting our mind and body. These irritating sound or noise falls under the category of noise pollution.

Long Essay on Noise Pollution in English for Children and Students in 700 Words

We have provided below an essay on sound pollution which will give you an introduction and definition of sound pollution, sources of noise pollution, its prevention and control etc. You can also use the essay while writing an article on noise pollution, noise pollution speech, as well as a short paragraph on noise pollution. 


The excessive disturbing sound coming out of the heavy machinery, horns of motor vehicles, aircrafts, railways etc falls under the category of noise or sound pollution. Sound pollution is increasing day by day due to the increasing development and rapid industrialization. It has affected the lives of millions of people worldwide.

The sources of sound pollution are many and the effects of noise pollution can also sometimes turn out to be fatal for the people suffering from heart problems or any other health complications.
It is important that we focus on controlling noise pollution before it becomes as a major issue of the world. 

Sources of Noise Pollution: 

There are many causes of sound pollution ranging from sounds of automobiles to the sound of airplane. Let us discuss the major causes of noise pollution:

Transportation: The increasing traffic and rise in the number of automobiles are one of the causes of noise pollution. Blowing of horns in a traffic increases the sound to the level which could not be tolerated by human bodies. Airplanes, Jet Planes etc are also the creators of sound pollution.

Industrialization: High pitch sound coming from the factories affects the normal lives of the people staying nearby. The Grinding Mills, Big Fans, Machines and other large equipment also add up to the noise pollution.

Social Events: Loud music and bands are played during various social events like marriage, festivals etc are a major source of sound pollution. These sounds not only affect the people suffering from heart issues but it also affects the people without any diseases. Music played in the social events through speakers at a very high volume increases the sound pollution manifolds. 

Effects of Noise Pollution:

Noise Pollution is posing a very high risk to the human health as well as the animals. The loud noise coming out of the factories, airplanes, traffic and vehicles horns etc has a very long term effects on living beings and especially to children and old aged people.

Followings are the effects of the Noise Pollution:

Affects Eardrums and Hearing Capability: Continuously hearing a loud noise can affect the eardrums and also degrade the hearing capability.

Increases Stress Level: Loud noise can also increase the stress level and lead to hypertension.

Sleep Disturbances: Noise pollution can disturb the sleep pattern and also lead to insomnia or sleeplessness.

Affects Birds and Animals: The effects of noise pollution on animals and birds could never be ignored. The increasing noise pollution in the cities affects the birds in finding their food and prey. It might also lead to hearing loss in marine animals and ultimately make them extinct. 

Solution to Noise Pollution

There are various ways to reduce noise pollution. Following are few ways to control noise pollution:

  • Use horns only when necessary. 
  • Try to avoid horns near hospitals, residential areas, and schools etc.
  •  Use earmuffs or ear plugs whenever going in traffic or near factories etc. 
  • Government should take strict action against those using loud horns and loudspeakers etc.
  • Proper approvals should be taken from the concerned authorities for organizing functions and celebrations etc.
  • Trees prevent noise so we should plant more and trees especially near roads and factories.
  • Avoid using fireworks during festivals and other celebrations which will not only reduce sound pollution but also air pollution. 


Noise pollution is considered as a very least concerned issue but the result could be sometimes turn out to be fatal. Children and old aged people are highly affected by the noise pollution hence proper care should be taken by them. As an responsible citizen everyone should take steps to fight noise as well other types of pollution and make our planet safe for the survival of all species.