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MS Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Excel is one of the most common and largely used spreadsheet software used in almost every organizations. MS Excel helps in organizing the database in a very simple and effective manner. Though there are various menu options provided in the software for performing relevant tasks but it is better if we know the keyboard shortcuts for performing a specific task.

Basic and Advanced MS Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

We have provided some basic as well as advanced excel shortcuts through keyboard which will not only save your time but it will also enhance your efficiency and productivity. The excel shortcut cheat sheet provided below will be very handy during your daily tasks. 

Most Common Basic and Advance Excel Shortcuts

Ctrl + O - Open and Existing Workbook/File

Ctrl + N - Create a New Workbook/File

Ctrl + S - Saving a Workbook/File

Ctrl + P - Opens the Print Dialog Box for Printing

Ctrl + A - Select Whole Worksheet

Ctrl + C - Copy the Selected/Active Cell Content

Ctrl + X - Cut the Selected/Active Cell Content

Ctrl + V - Paste the Copied Content

Ctrl + F - Find a Content in the Worksheet

Ctrl + W - Close the Currently Opened Workbook

Ctrl + Z - Undo the Previous Action

Ctrl + Y - Redo the Last Action

Ctrl + H - Opens the Find/Replace Box

Ctrl + Spacebar - Select the Complete Column of the Active Cell

Shift + Spacebar - Select the Complete Row of the Active Cell

Ctrl + D - Copies the data present in the cell above to the selected cell

Ctrl + ; - Enters the Current Date

Ctrl + + (plus sign) - Insert Row/Column after the active cell

Ctrl + - (minus sign) - Delete Row/Column

Ctrl + Home - Move to the First Cell

Ctrl + End - Move to the Last Cell

We will be updating the page regularly, so that we can add more and more Excel Keyboard Shortcuts,
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