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Ambulances: Types and Services


Whenever we are in a medical emergency, distress or have met with an accident, the first thing we do is to call an ambulance. Ambulances are considered as the one of the basic life saving services in any country. We have seen many ambulances in our vicinity in our daily lives but do we really understand the types of ambulances. Yes, you heard it right, Ambulances do have types and it is important that the right ambulance should be booked whenever needed.

Ambulances and its Types

There are many types of Ambulances and each ambulance is made for an specific purpose. We will be providing below some of the types of ambulances which you should know so that you can get a better clarity and book the specific ambulance whenever required.

  • Basic Emergency Ambulance: These types of ambulances are the basic ambulances which we commonly see in our daily lives. These ambulances carry the patients who require emergency medical help and need to reach the nearest hospital. These ambulances are generally equipped with basic life saving instruments.

  •  Advance Life Saving (ALS) Ambulance: ALS Ambulance are the ambulances which are equipped with the advance life saving instruments like ECG, Ventilator, paramedic staff and other advance monitoring devices. These ambulances carry the patients who require a high level of care and support.
  •  Organ Recovery Ambulance:  These ambulances are used to carry the dead bodies or the organs of them who have suddenly died due to some accidents, heart attacks or some other medical emergencies. These ambulances help in preserving the organs so that it could be used for other patients.
  •  Charity Ambulance: Charity Ambulance are generally used to take patients and sick children on a trip or vacation away from their hospitals so that they can be provided all the facilities away from the hospital. It is generally provided by the charity organizations and care homes. 
  • Mortuary Ambulance: These ambulance mainly carry the dead bodies of the patients. They could be used to transport the dead bodies from the hospitals to homes or vice versa. 
  • Air Ambulance: Air Ambulance require helicopter or aircraft to carry patients where the normal ambulance could not be reached or if it is acute emergency type of situation. These ambulances are generally used to carry patients over a longer distance or to a foreign country. Air Ambulance are fully equipped with ventilators, oxygen cylinders, advance equipments etc. 
  • Rail Ambulance: Rail Ambulance provide ambulance service through rail transport. It is also equipped with all the basic as well advanced health care instruments. Many rail ambulances are also equipped with an operation theater so that is could be used to service remote areas and villages. 

  • Motorcycle Ambulance: Motorcycle ambulance are used to carry patients with less severity where normal ambulance could not be reached. It comes handy in the areas which has less space for a bigger vehicles. 
  • Bariatric Ambulance: These are the ambulances which are specially made for the patients who are severely obese. It has a larger interior and is also capable to carry very obese patients accompanied with relevant devices and gears.
  • Neonatal Ambulance: Neonatal Ambulance services are provided for the transportation of a new born babies who needs an special care. It is used to carry premature as well as sick babies to the nearby hospital. It is equipped with the ventilator, fetal heart detector, fetal monitor, overhead ceiling warmer, infusion pumps etc.  

Ambulances are very important in case of any emergency and everyone should have the information about their nearest ambulance service and its contact details.