Few Lines on Mahashivratri

Few Lines on Christmas Festival

Christmas is one of the great festivals celebrated across the world with great enthusiasm and joy. It is the festival which is not only limited to the Christian religion but the festivity of this occasion embraces everyone irrespective of religion and ethnicity. It makes the environment filled with positive energy and hope. The day celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ who is believed as the 'Son of the God'. 

Few Lines on Christmas Festival in English for Children and Students

We have given below 10 lines on Christmas festival in easy and simple language. These 10 sentences on Christmas will help children know more about the festival. It can also be used while writing a short paragraph on Christmas, short essay on Christmas for every class, short speech or an article on Christmas.

Few Lines on Christmas Festival

1. Christmas is one of the great festival celebrated across the world by the followers of Christianity.

2. It is celebrated on 25th December every year with great joy and enthusiasm.

3. Christmas is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ who is believed to be the Son of God.

4. The evening before Christmas ie: 24th December is celebrated as Christmas Eve.

5. Christmas gives a well deserved break from routine life and people celebrate the occasion with great joy.
6. Decoration of Christmas Tree is an integral part of Christmas festival.

7. Christmas Tree is decorated with sparkling lights, candies, stars and other decorative items.

8. Children eagerly wait for ‘Santa Claus’ who is believed to bring lots of gifts for them.

9. Friends, neighbors and relatives share gifts with each other and enjoy the special mouth watering delicacies and wish 'Merry Christmas'

10. Christmas is the festival of joy, love and happiness and it helps to bring people closure and gives the message of peace and harmony.


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