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Few Lines on Santa Claus

Santa Claus is an integral part of Christmas Festival. Children eagerly wait for Santa Claus as he distributes gifts to every child on Christmas Eve. It is believed that Santa Claus comes to every house riding on its sleigh driven by his reindeers and keeps an special gift for every child. Children are delighted by getting attractive gifts from their favorite character, Santa Claus, and they desperately wait for the Christmas Eve.

Few lines on Santa Claus for Children and Students

Writing few sentences on Santa Claus in English is a very common topic in schools and various competitions. We have provided some 10 lines on Santa Claus in a very easy and simple words which will be very much useful while writing an essay on Santa Claus, a short paragraph on Santa Claus as well as a short speech on Santa Claus and it will also help children of all ages and class to know more about Santa Claus.

Few Lines on Santa Claus

1. Santa Claus is a legendary character who is believed to distributes gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

2. He wears a funny red and white costume having white beard which attracts young children.

3. Santa Claus is also known by various names like Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas etc.

4. It is believed that Santa delivers gifts on its sleigh pulled by its 9 Reindeers who travel with the speed of light.

5. Children hang empty socks on their terrace on Christmas Eve so that Santa could put attractive gifts in them.
6. The custom of Santa Claus began in 4th century when Saint Nicholas, who was a bishop used to distribute gifts to the poor people.

7. Family members, neighbors and volunteers get dressed as Santa Claus and distribute gifts to children on Christmas.

8. The jolly and joyful nature of Santa Claus attracts children and they enjoy his company.

9. Santa Claus Greets children with his funny voice saying 'HO HO HO' and wishing them Merry Christmas and singing Christmas carols.

10. Santa Clause is a symbol of peace, calmness and harmony who teaches us to share love and happiness.


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