Few Lines on Mahashivratri

Few Lines on Indian Flag

Indian Flag is a Tricolor flag known as 'Tiranga' in Hindi. It is the representation of the country as a whole. It has three colors and a 'Ashoka Chakra', or the spinning wheel at the middle. Each color in the national flag has a certain meaning and it represents our country. It also represents the struggle and sacrifices of our great freedom fighters who gave up their life so that the flag remains high and firm.

Few Lines on Indian Flag in English for Students and Children

We have given below some 10 Lines on Indian National Flag and some amazing facts on Indian Flag. The following 10 sentences on Indian Flag will help the children write a short paragraph on Indian Flag, short essay on National Flag as well as in preparing a short speech on Indian Flag. It will also enlighten their minds regarding some interesting facts about the Indian National Flag.

Few Lines on Indian Flag

1. Indian Flag is a tricolor flag with a spinning wheel in the middle known as Ashoka Chakra.

2. The first color in the flag is Saffron which signifies the the strength of the country.

3. The White color in the middle stands for Peace and Truth.

4. The Green color shows growth, fertility and prosperity.

5. The 'Ashok Chakra' with 24 spokes in the middle shows the 'Dharma Chakra' or the Wheel of Law.

6. Indian Flag was evolved from the 'Swaraj' flag which was designed by Pingali Venkayya.

7. As per the law, the Indian Flag should always be made of 'Khadi' or Silk cloths.

8. The National Flag is hoisted on National festivals like Republic and Independence Day.

9. The National Flag is the pride of our country and should always be respected and honored.

10. The Indian Flag represents our country as an independent and sovereign nation to the world.


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