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Few Lines on Lohri Festival

The New Year rings the bells of festivals and celebrations. January brings many festivals which are basically celebrated to welcome the cropping or the harvest season. Lohri is also one of the festivals which is celebrated to mark the harvest season especially in Punjab and Northern India. It is a very popular folk festival of Punjab which is also believed to celebrate the passing of winter solstice.

Few Lines on Lohri Festival for Children and Students

We have given below a set of 10 lines on Lohri in English for students and children in an simple and easy language. The 10 sentences on Lohri will help them while writing a short paragraph on Lohri, short essay on Lohri as well as in preparing short speech on Lohri. They will also be able to understand the importance of the Lohri festival.

Few Lines on Lohri Festival

1. Lohri is a major festival of Sikh and Hindu community mostly celebrated on 13th January every year.

2. The festival celebrates the cropping season in Punjab as well as bidding goodbye to the chilling winters.

3. People light bonfires and sing, dance and rejoice with family and friends around the bonfire.

4. In Punjab, men and women dress in the traditional attire and perform 'bhangra' and 'gidda', the folk dance of Punjab.

5. The festival also has a great importance for the newly-wed couples as well as new born babies.

6. People dance around the bonfire and throw peanuts, sweets and dry fruits in to it which is believed to bring luck.

7. Various fun and entertaining activities like wrestling, races, games as well as fairs are also organised on the day.

8. It is also customary in Punjab to enjoy the famous delicacy of 'makke di roti' and 'sarso da saag' on Lohri.

9. People also exchange sweets and gifts items with friends and family members to celebrate the festival.

10. Lohri is one of the colorful festival which spreads happiness, love and a way to socialize with friends and family.


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