Few Lines on Mahashivratri

Few Lines on Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day is a major national festival of India and it is celebrated with great excitement and enthusiasm across the country. The celebration of Republic Day in schools and colleges are very mesmerizing as well as it helps to instill the feeling of patriotism in the young minds of students. The celebration is grand in the national capital and is witnessed by millions across the globe.

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Few Lines on Republic Day Celebration in English for Children and Students

We have provided some 10 lines on Republic Day Celebration which will help you know about Republic Day Celebration in India. The following 10 sentences on Republic Day celebration will also help the children to get some more ideas while writing a short essay on Republic Day celebration, speech on celebration of Republic Day in India as well as a short paragraph on Republic Day Celebration and make them aware as How Republic Day is celebrated in India and what are the special events which are conducted on the day etc.

Few Lines on Republic Day Celebration

1. Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year and is celebrated across every corner of India.

2. Schools and colleges organize flag hoisting ceremony in the morning and sing national anthem.

3. Various cultural programs are also organized on the day which mainly focuses on patriotism, Indian freedom struggle and freedom fighters.

4. Speech, essay, drawing and painting competitions are also organized in schools on the day.

5. Schools also organize march-past and parade on Republic Day where students participate with great enthusiasm.

6. Every corner of the country gets covered with the Indian Tricolor flag and patriotic songs reverb round the street much before Republic Day.

7. The major celebration takes place at Rajpath, New Delhi where President of India unfurls the Indian Flag and sing national anthem along with honorable dignitaries.

8. All the three staffs of the Indian Armed Forces march-past on the Rajpath along with their respective bands.

9. The world also witnesses the most modern defense capability of India during the parade.

10. The grandeur of the Republic Day celebration at Rajpath is a very mesmerizing experience and remains in the minds forever.