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Few Lines on International Women's Day

International Women's Day is an international event which is celebrated on 8th of March every year. The day mainly focuses on women rights and empowerment. It celebrates womanhood and talks about social equality for woman across the world. It also celebrates women success and achievements and tries to make a special path for them in the world.

Few Lines on International Women's Day for Children and Students

We have provided some 10 lines on International Women's Day in English which will make you aware about this international event. The following sentences on International Women's Day will help you understand that how the event is celebrated across the world and what are the activities performed on the International Women's Day. It will also help you to write an article on International Women's Day, short paragraph on International Women's Day or an short speech or essay on the same.

Few Lines on International Women's Day

1)  International Women's Day is celebrated on 08th March every year to talk about gender equality and women empowerment.

2) It celebrates the women's achievements, their visibility and social equality in the world.

3) The first International Women's Day was celebrated on 08th March 1911 by German socialist Clara Zetkin to honor the women of our society.

4) The day is celebrated across the world with great enthusiasm and joy and by taking steps for women empowerment.

5) Many NGOs and government organizations honor women who have achieved success in their life and carved a niche for themselves in the society.

6) Corporate offices, schools and colleges organize various cultural events and activities especially for the women.

7) Various successful women share their success stories and act as a source of great inspiration for others.

8) There are many countries who have also declared International Women's Day as a holiday to commemorate and honor women across the globe.

9) International Women's Day theme 2020 is “ I am Generation Equality : Realizing Women's Rights” and will also be celebrated by the hashtag #EachforEqual.

10) It will raise awareness on gender equality and celebrate women's achievement globally.