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Few Lines on Holi Festival

Holi is the festival of colors celebrated in India, Nepal and other parts of the world. It is one of the marvelous festivals of India which instills people with joy and enthusiasm. The festival of color accompanied with the mouth watering delicacies makes this festival the favorite of young children and youths. The joy of splashing colors on each other could not be expressed in words and that's what makes this festival so great.

Few Lines on Holi Festival in English for Children and Students

Given below we have provided some 10 lines on Holi festival which will be very much helpful for young children and students. It will make them understand the importance of Holi and as well as how the festival is celebrated in India. The 10 sentences on Holi will also be very useful to them while writing essay on Holi, short paragraph o Holi as well as preparing a short speech on Holi etc.

Few Lines on Holi Festival

1) Holi is the festival of colors celebrated in the India and other parts of the world in the month of March every year.

2) It is the festival filled with joy, enthusiasm and fun where people splash colors on their friends and family members.
3) One day before Holi is celebrated as 'Holika Dahan', a ritual where a heap of dry woods, leaves etc are burnt at midnight.

4) 'Holika Dahan' signifies the burning of all sorrow, hatred, illness etc and starting of a healthy and happy year ahead.

5) In the morning and noon, Holi is celebrated with water colors whereas the evening is for celebration with dry colors known as 'Abeer' and 'Gulal'.

6) The major celebration can be witnessed during the evening when people enjoy the festival with folk songs and dance to the tune of music.

7) Evening is also the time when people visit their family and friends and enjoy the mouth watering delicacies of the festival.

8) The most famous and common delicacy of Holi is 'Gujiya' which is a sweet dish filled with dry fruits and nuts.

9) The festival of Holi also signifies the triumph of good over evil when the demon 'Hiranyakashyap' was slayed by 'God Narsimha', the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

10) Holi is the festival of love, joy and togetherness and teaches us to follow the path of good and stay away from evils of the society.