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COVID 19 – Boon or Bane for the Environment

The year 2020 came up with sorrow of Coronavirus or COVID-19 or specifically the Chinese Virus. Till now it had claimed lacs of lives and made millions of population infected and seriously ill. The virus started from the city of Wuhan and spread like a wildfire around the globe. Had China contained the virus within the stipulated time then lacs of lives could have been easily saved.

Essay on Coronavirus- A Boon or Bane for the Environment

We have provided below an essay on Covid 19 – A Boon or Bane for the Environment for Students and Children of all ages. The essay is provided in easy language which could be easily used by the children while writing essay on Covid 19 Effects on Environment or writing few lines on effects of corona virus on nature etc.

Essay on Corona virus and its Effects on Environment


Coronavirus is the class of virus which majorly affects the respiratory system of human beings. The virus is highly contagious and spreads rapidly by the contact with the infected person. So the best way to avoid it is by staying at home and following Social Distancing and wearing masks and gloves. 

Lockdown - A Blessing in Disguise for Nature

The ideal way to contain the coronavirus was by staying at home and by temporarily halting all the financial services across the world. Hence all the governments across the globe ordered temporary lockdown so that the infection could be controlled from spreading.

The temporary lockdown came as a blessing in disguise for our environment. In fact we can say that though COVID-19 is a curse for the humanity it is a blessing for our environment and nature.

Effects of Coronavirus on Nature

Coronavirus or COVID 19  disease has killed lacs and infected millions of people across the world. The whole world has activated the lockdown so that the disease could be controlled from spreading further. All the financial institutions, factories, refineries, construction and business services etc were either put on hold or were run with less resources and output. This in turn helped the nature in the following ways:

Reduction in Air Pollution

The complete or partial halt of factories, automobiles, railways, flights etc helped in reducing the air pollution drastically. The toxic gases and chemicals coming out of the factories were temporarily stopped which in turn reduced the air pollution and made the air clear and pure.

Reduction in Water Pollution

The lesser the production the lesser is the waste generated which in turn reduced them from going into our rivers, seas and oceans which reduced the water pollution and made the water cleaner. It also helped the aquatic species to get a pleasing break from the harsh and toxic chemical waste.

Reduction in Sound Pollution

The halting of factories, automobiles and vehicles etc during the lock down brought down the noise pollution also. The sounds from factories, traffic jams, transportation etc helped the sound pollution to drastically cut down.

Increase in the Air Visibility

The reduction in the air pollution also helped in increasing air visibility. The places which were not visible for decades were visible during the lock-down. It also helped in improving the AQI ie: Air Quality Index. It made the air more cleaner and pure than before.


Corona virus is no doubt a big challenge for the human race. It had killed lacs of people and infected millions. It had also posed a big question on the survival of the human race. But it has also indirectly helped our environment and nature to get a break from air, water and sound pollution. So we can say that though Coronavirus is a bane for the human race but it is a boon for the environment. We also hope to get rid of this disease as early as possible and also take a pledge to save our environment by reducing air, water and noise pollution.