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Few Lines About Onam

Onam is one of the most important festivals of Kerala. The festival celebrates the visit of the great King Mahabali to the state  on the occasion. The festival welcomes the king with great enthusiasm and is celebrated for 10 days with each day having a special significance. The festival is celebrated with folk music, dance, grand processions and a range of mouth watering delicacies of the season.

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Few Lines on Onam in English for Kids and Students

We have given 10 lines on Onam in English for children and students in a very easy and simple words. It will help you in writing a short essay on Onam, a paragraph, a speech as well as short article on Onam. It will enhance your knowledge and help you know more about the festival, its legend and how it is celebrated etc.

Few Lines about Onam Festival

1) Onam is a very popular and important festival of Kerala, the God's Own Country.

2) The 10 days festival is celebrated in the Malayalam month of 'Chingam' which falls in August/September every year.

3)The festival celebrates the arrival of the Great King Mahabali who was wise, generous and respectful king in the 'Malayali' mythology.

4) The great generosity and devotion made Lord Vishnu to grant him a boon so that he can visit his kingdom every year.

5) The grand celebration of Onam includes boat race, floral decorations, tiger dance, mask dance, folk music etc.

6) The festival is also celebrated to welcome the rice harvest season by the people of Kerala.

7) Grand processions are also conducted at various places comprising of decorated elephants, drum beats, folk music and dance.

8) The attractive floral arrangement or 'Rangoli' is one of the great attraction of the festival which can be seen at every doorstep.

9) The mouth watering festival's delicacies reflects the spirit of the festival with dishes like 'payasam', banana chips, 'papadam' etc served on fresh banana leaves.

10) The festival brings joy, happiness and makes the environment filled with great enthusiasm and high spirits.