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Few Lines on Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the greatest festival of India celebrated by the Hindu community.It is the festival filled with the grandeur of festivity and joy. The 10 days festival instills the feeling of devotion and spirituality in the environment wrapped with music and joy.


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Few Lines on Ganesh Chaturthi in English for Kids and Students

We have given some 10 lines on Ganesh Chaturthi festival which will help you while writing an essay, short paragraph as well as an speech on Ganesh Chaturthi. It will also make you understand the importance of Ganesh chaturthi and when and how it is celebrated which will also add up to your ocean of knowledge.

Few Lines on Ganesh Chaturthi

1) Ganesh Chaturthi is an Indian festival celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Ganesha, the Elephant Headed God who is the youngest son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

2) The festival is celebrated all over the world by the Hindu community and especially in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

3) Grand 'pandals' are set up in every city with attractive music and lightings to welcome Lord Ganesha.

4) Large, attractive and colorful idols of Lord Ganesha are setup and worshiped for 10 days in this 'pandals'

5) People also bring idols of Lord Ganesha in their homes and celebrate the festival by worshiping their deity.

6) After 10 days of celebration the idols are brought out of the 'pandals' and homes and are immersed in water bodies like river, sea or ocean, known as the 'visarjan'.

7) The journey from 'pandals' to the water bodies is one of the most spectacular and mesmerizing experience of the festival.

8) The journey is accompanied with music, dance and with special drums called as 'dhols' accompanied with the chants of 'ganpati bappa morya'.

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9) The world famous ganpati celebration at Lalbag Cha Raja, Mumbai witnesses millions of devotees across the globe who gather to experience the aura of their deity.

10) Ganesh Chaturthi is definitely a grand festival which makes the environment devotional and fills it with spirituality.

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