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Few Lines on Teachers

Teachers are the guiding souls who take the children to the right path and guide them to achieve success in their life. It is said that mothers are the first teacher and they are the ones who provide the basic teaching to their children. Once the child grows and is sent to school, the responsibility is transferred to the school teachers who guide the children to success and provide them ethics and value in their life.


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Few Lines on Teacher in English for Kids and Students

We have provided below some 10 lines on teachers in English for children of all ages and class. These 10 sentences on teachers will help you understand the importance of teachers in our life and it will also be very useful in writing an essay on teachers, speech on teacher as well as short paragraph on teachers on Teacher's Day and various other occasions.

Few Lines on Teachers

1) Teachers are the guiding light in the life of every student who bring them out of the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.

2) They are the one who make you understand and help you learn the ethics and value of life.

3) A good teacher not only explains or demonstrates but he also inspires his students.

4) They help in explaining tough things in a very simple manner.

5) A good teacher help his students in awakening their inner strength and capability.

6) They help to enhance the strength of the students and work hard to improve their weaknesses.

7) A teacher does not discriminates his students and for him all students are equal.

8) A teacher is like a candle who brings light in the life of a student sacrificing his own comforts.

9) A good teacher makes an ordinary student emerge as a winner in life.

10) Life without a teacher is like a vehicle in darkness without a headlamp.


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