Few Lines on Mahashivratri

Few Lines on Dussehra

The festival of Dussehra is one of the major festivals of India. The festival is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, the Evil King of Lanka. The festival is celebrated after the festival of Navratri on the tenth day. It is a celebration for the Lord Rama who saved the humanity from the evil deeds of Ravana, the King of Lanka. The festival falls 20 days before the festival of Diwali.

Few Lines on Dussehra Festival for Kids and Students

We have provided below some lines on Dussehra which are in very simple language. The following 10 lines on Dussehra will also help children while writing a short paragraph, speech as well as an article on Dussehra festival.


Few Lines on Dussehra

1) Dussehra is the festival celebrated by Hindu community for the triumph of good over evil.

2) It is also known as Ayudha Puja or Vijayadashmi.

3) It was the day when Lord Rama slayed the evil king of Lanka, Ravana and saved the humanity from his evil deeds.

4) The day recalls the epic event of the Hindu mythology and people celebrate the day with great devotion and enthusiasm.

5) Grand fairs are organized across the nation which witnesses lacks of visitors from local as well as from abroad.

6) Grand effigy of Ravana is constructed in these fairs and is burnt to remember the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana.

7) Ramleela, which is the dramatic representation of the 'Ramayana' is also carried out in every corner of the country.

8) The world famous Dussehra of Mysore witnesses thousands of visitors across the globe who come to experience the extravagance of the celebration.

9) Arms, Vehicles and Professional Instruments are also decorated and worshipped on the occasion in many states.

10) The festival of Dussehra symbolizes the Triumph of Good over Evil and teaches the value of truth and ethics.