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Essay on Christmas Festival

Christmas is one of the grand festivals which brings joy, happiness and celebration across the world. The festival celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who is believed as the Son of God and who took birth to free the humanity from their sins and sorrow and spread brotherhood and peace. Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and energy in every corner of the world.

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Essay on Christmas in English for Kids and Students

Christmas essay is a very common topic in schools for young students. The following essay on Christmas in English in simple and easy words can be used as a reference while writing a paragraph on Christmas, an essay on Christmas, my favorite festival essay as well as writing a Christmas celebration essay etc.

Essay on Christmas


Christmas is a grand festival celebrated by the followers of Christianity. Although it is the festival of Christians but the festivity of it surrounds everyone to celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. The festival is celebrated on 25th of December every year to mark the remembrance of Lord Jesus Christ's birth. The birth of Jesus Christ brought a hope for the people of that era who were suffering from various evils of the society and oppression from Kings and Emperors. 

Why is Christmas Celebrated

People of that era were suffering by the evils of the society like slavery, superstitions and harsh oppression by kings and emperors. The birth of Jesus Christ was believed as a hope of getting freedom from these evils since he was considered as the Son of God who took birth to save the world and spread brotherhood and peace. The birth of the savior of humanity was a great day for everyone and since then this great day was celebrated as a grand festival.

How is Christmas Celebrated

Christmas is a grand festival especially for the Christians. The preparation of the festival gets started by the start of December itself.  People start decorating their homes, set up the Nativity of Jesus birth, bring and decorate Christmas Tree, preparation of mouth-watering Christmas delicacies, organizing parties, singing Christmas Carols and waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus etc. Let us discuss it in detail.

  • Decoration of Home and Churches

The celebration starts days before the actual festival. People start decorating their homes by attractive decorative items like tinsels, sparkles, stars and lights etc. All the churches are also decorated with lightings, flowers, sparkles etc which showcase an amazing picturesque sight during  night.

  • Set up the Nativity and of Jesus Birth

Almost every household set up the Nativity of Jesus birth. It depicts the complete story of the Jesus Christ's born to Father Joseph and Mother Mary. The Nativity of Birth is an eye-catching attraction        of the festival.

  • Decorating Christmas Tree

We all know that the festivity of Christmas could not be completed without the Christmas Tree. It is an integral part of the festival and people bring and decorate the Christmas Tree with tinsels, artificial spider web, cotton snow, lights, gifts, candies and much more. It is an age-old tradition which is believed to bring luck, positivity and happiness.

  • Mouth Watering Delicacies, Christmas Carols and Parties

Christmas comes once in an year and calls for a grand celebration. The celebration starts on 24th of December known as the 'Christmas Eve' and people enjoy it with their family and friends with  mouth-watering delicacies, cookies and drinks. They sing Christmas Carols and party whole night with the near and dear ones.

  • Arrival of Santa Claus

The celebration of Christmas could not be completed without Santa Claus, an imaginary character who distributes gift to children. All the children eagerly wait for Santa Claus and wish for the best gift they ever wanted. Parents, neighbors and family members wear the costume of Santa Claus and distribute gifts to the children with the funny and cheerful voice of 'Ho Ho Ho'. Children get delighted on seeing Santa Claus and getting gifts from him.

The Days of Christmas Festival

The Christmas festival starts with the Christmas Eve on 24th of December and continues till 5th of January as Epiphany Eve. 

The 25th December is the actual day of Christmas with grand celebration and feasts.

The 26th December is the day after Christmas known as Boxing Day.

27th December is the Day of the Saint John, The Apostle.

28th December is celebrated as the Feast of the Holy Innocents.

29th December is remembered as the Saint Thomas Becket Day.

30th December is celebrated as St. Egwin of Worcester.

31st December is the New Year's Eve with grand celebration for welcoming the New Year on 1st January.

2nd January is the day for the Saint Basil the Great and Saint Gregory.

3rd January is the Feast of the Holy Name of the Jesus.

4th January is the Saint Elizabeth Ann remembrance day.

The celebration of Christmas ends on 5th of January known as the Epiphany Eve.


The birth of Jesus was a great day for the entire humanity and the festival of Christmas commemorates this great day. It teaches us to love each other spread peace and brotherhood in the world. Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to save people from their sins and gave the message of love, sacrifice and forgiveness. Christmas festival instills the environment with positive energy, brotherhood and festivity, and it also provides the much needed break from the routine life to spend quality time with family and friends.